UTEC Water


UTEC Water (Billboard advertisement)

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Brief Description:

This advertisement for Peru University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC). This advertisement placed a billboard in Cairo, Egypt where fresh water was very limited to the local citizens. The advertisement produced 56 litre of water a day.

Target market:

The target market of this advertisement were new students enrolling at UTEC and other universities. UTEC wanted to show that they were different and attract more enroll in the upcoming semester.

Positioning Strategy:

UTEC positions themselves to be different by saying their engineering students are making a change. They position their advertisements by focusing on benefits and somewhat psychological. The psychological part is shown through the authentic factor of how the technology is here and people are starting to create it at UTEC while the benefit is shown through the fresh water provided each day to the locals.

Message Objective:

The main purpose of this advertisement was to attract engineering students to attend UTEC. This advertisement not only helped solved some of the local issues of not having fresh water but was a great success. The advertisement resulted in a increase of 28% enroll to the UTEC.

Appeal Technique:

This billboard uses emotional appeal and facts and figures. This advertisement made individuals feel like at UTEC, they can help others by inventing products such as this billboard to solve problems people face. The billboard also shows facts about how the humidity in the air is take and turned into fresh drinking water people can consume.


The execution of the advertisement was through drama and product demonstration. They emphasize how this product was created by UTEC and helps with sustainable life. They demonstrated through providing fresh water for the citizens.


Criteria Reasoning
Did the ad drive engagement / earned media ( 1 – 5) It drove a lot of earned media do to what the advertisement did for the locals
Did the ad drive emotional appeal ( 1 – 5) Most people can feel empathy for the ad as it is targeted for local students going into university
Enrolment increase  ( 1 – 5) Find the effectiveness of the advertisement. Did it solve the issue.
Did the advertisement benefit the audience ( 1 – 5) Did the locals make use of the water filtration system and drive buzz


Smoking Kids


Smoking Kids – Thai Advertising Campaign (Television advertisement) (Robinson, 2012)

No smoking advert for public image

Retrieval Location:http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/4b0778b8-be99-11e1-b24b-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2xlmPvMED

Brief Description:

This advertisement was created by Thai health to promote the negative effects of smoking and telling people to stop smoking. They had children with a cigarette asking smokers if they could give them a light and let the adults tell them what the harm is from smoking.

Target Market:

Smokers in Thailand

Position Strategy:

The position was psychological, benefit and usage.  These positions can be seen through how smokers know the risk of smoking yet they still smoke (psychological and usage). Smokers also tell the kids what the benefits are of not smoking.

Message Objective:

The objective of the advertisement was make people quit smoking and be more self aware of the dangers of smoking.

Appeal Technique:

Technique: This advertisement appeals to the emotional and factual side. It made people tell the kids and others about what is bad about smoking. The emotional side came from having the kids ask for a light, as most people don’t want to lead children down the wrong path.


The execution of this advertisement was done through drama. They dramatized the negatives of smoking through people telling children themselves about why is bad. This can also be considered somewhat of a spokesperson but not a celebrity but normal person.


Criteria Reasoning
Consumers being more self aware of smoking (  1- 5) This is to see if Thai citizens felt more aware that they are smoking and harming themselves
Did the ad drive emotional appeal (1 – 5) This evaluation is to test if they consumers felt more emotional towards younger people smoking and setting a better example for younger people.
Increase in Smokers going to quitting classes (1% – 100%) This is to test the effectiveness of the advertisement in decreasing number of smokers
Decrease in number of cigarette sales in Thailand (1% – 100%) This is to test if the advertisement had an impact in decreasing the number of people starting smoking


Games of Thrones


Games of Thrones – Dragon Bones washed up on the Beach (Stampler, 2013)

game of thrones skull beach

Retrieval Location:


Brief Description:

This advertisement was a overnight placement. This advertisement was to promote the third season of  Games of Thrones coming back to television. Not only was there the dragon bone on the beach but also a dragon shadow on the newspaper.

Target Market

  • Games of Thrones watcher and other viewers of the same genre of television shows

Positioning Strategy

  • The promotion strategy was psychological. This was to promote that dragons are coming back (one of the revolving, yet to come part of games of thrones).

Message Oobjectives

  • The objective was to promote that season 3 of Games of Thrones are coming back.

Appeal technique

  • The advertisement was to appeal to a lifestyle


  •  The execution of this advertisement was done through drama. They dramatized the negative effects of smoking through people telling children themselves about why is bad. This can also be considered somewhat of a spokesperson but not a celebrity but normal person.


Criteria Reasoning
Increase in viewership on the first episode of the season 3 (1% – 100%) compared to season 2 This is see if the advertisement were able to drive more viewership and people tuning in to see what this advertisement was all about
Amount of buzz/earned media of the different advertising mediums used (1 – 5) This is to see if just promoting in a local area was enough to reach other parts of the world as Games of Thrones is a internationally seen television series
Did the advertisement drive an emotional appeal (1-5) Did consumers feel emotionally/psychologically attached to the advertisement that they will check out the TV show
Did the advertisement drive the right appeal? (1-5) This is to show if consumers could tie the dragon bones to games of thrones and not some other type of advertisement



Dumb Ways to Die


Dumb Ways to Die (APP) (Mccann, 2013)

Retrieval Location:


Brief Description:

This advertisement was to promote awareness of the dangers in life. They created cartoons doing actions which people would see as a dumb way to die. They used humor to make people watch and be more aware of the advertisement as humor makes people remember more.

Target Market

  • Australian  citizens

Positioning Strategy

  • The brand was promoting psychological and pre-emptive position strategy. They played to the fact that convention warnings are boring and this is another way to promote the dangers of life.

Message Objectives

  • The aim of this campaign is to engage an audience that really doesn’t want to hear any kind of safety message, and we think Dumb Ways To Die will (Wikipedia, 2013).

Appeal Technique

  • Humour was used through the catchy tune and weird ways the characters die such as poking a grizzly bear with a stick.


  •  The execution of this advertisement was through drama and taglines and slogans. This advertisement tied the main slogan of dumb ways to die to a song. They dramatized the different ways to die. Aside from just having an app, there were was a Youtube video, print media and books created around this campaign.


Criteria Reasoning
 Awareness of safety in the community (  1- 5) This criteria is just to add onto the number of download of the app to see if the consumers aside from playing the game are putting it to use and getting the main goal of the ad.
Number of download of the apps (1 – 5) This is to test how well the consumers took to the advertisement.
The amount of buzz/earned media through app This is to if the message was reached to more than citizens of Australia and into other parts of the world
Increase number of safety procedures people are taking in preventing accidents Aside from awareness, we want to test if the advertisement is driving prevention.

Senior Self Defence Academy


Senior Self Defence Academy: Deadly seniors, Biker ( Print Advertisement) (Media Bistro, 2013)

Senior Self Defence Academy: Deadly seniors, Biker

Retrieval Location:


Target Market

  • Senior Community

Positioning Strategy

  • The advertisement used psychological, benefit and usage. They showed benefits and usage by showing how the granny walker was used to beat a big biker. This advertisement used psychological attachment that senior can have the potential to beat a biker.

Message Objectives

  • The message objective promote that senior should learn self-defense just in case they are in trouble in the future, they can still do something about it.

Appeal Technique

  • The appeal technique can be seen as humorous as you see a walker is use to beat a biker with a chain. the people to see this advertisement would see this as a humor and maybe positive. The positive is shown through the beat up biker situation as it shows a better ending compared to a senior being robbed/beat up.


  •  The execution was through drama. They dramatized the situation by showing a walker use to beat up the biker. The biker is seen to be a tough person and with his chain, he should be able to take on a senior but with self defense the situation is changed.


Criteria Reasoning
Awareness of Senior Danger in Community (1- 5) This evaluation is for the concern of community specifically the senior community about their safety concerns in their community.
Increase in number of inquiries about classes (1% – 100%) This rating is check if the advertisement drove more awareness towards seniors or other age groups of the community (does the ad need to be changed?)
Number of increase enrollment ( 1 % – 100%) To see if seniors are willing to take self defense classes to protect themselves if they are actually in trouble in the future
Increase number of safety procedures people are taking in preventing danger to seniors (1-5) This is to see if the community took other action aside from self defence class to protect the senior community

Marketing Metrics, Does it Really Matter?

Marketing Metrics teaches individuals about the so what analysis of numbers. Such aspect of the course includes analysis on the following topics (Management by the Numbers, 2013):

  • Descriptive Statistics (Mean, Medium, Mode, Range, Standard Deviation and Variance)


  • Marketing and Finance (Net profit, EBIT, EBITDA, NOPAT, return on sales (ROS), ROI, EVA, Payback, discounted cash flow, NPV, internal rate of return (IRR), and weighted average cost of capital (WACC))


  • Market Share Metrics (unit market share, revenue market share, market penetration, relative market share, market concentration, decomposition of market share, share of penetration, usage index, share of requirements, brand and category penetration, brand development index (BDI), category development index (CDI), and relative market share


  • Calculating Margins (margins (currency and percentages), markups, the relationship between selling prices and margins, and calculating margins in multi-level distribution channels)


  • Breakeven Analysis (variable, fixed, average and marginal costs, contribution, contribution margin, breakeven analysis, unit and dollar breakeven sales, and target profit)


  • Profit Dynamics (target profit and volume and price-volume interaction)


  • New Product Forecasting (hierarchy of effects, awareness, availability (ACV%), trial rate, repeat purchase, and intent to behavior translation)


  • Cannibalization (Cannibalization and Fair Share Draw)


  • Customer Lifetime Value (customer profitability, customer lifetime value (CLV), and multi-period revenue streams)


  • Distribution (numeric distribution, all commodity volume (ACV), product category volume (PCV) and out-of-stocks)


  • Sales Force Management (sales territories, coverage, workload, sales goals, performance, compensation systems, pipeline analysis, including the stages of lead, prospect, purchase, and post-purchase, CRM systems, sales forecasting techniques, sales force workload and sales force performance measures


  • Conjoin Analysis (attribute importance, willingness-to-pay, statistical validity, customer feature trade-offs, and market share prediction)


  • Pricing: Linear Demand and Constant Elastic Demand (relationships between price and quantity, maximum willing to buy, maximum reservation price, profit maximizing price, and price elasticity, assuming a linear relationship between price and demand, relationships between price and quantity, elastic demand, inelastic demand, and optimal price under conditions of constant elasticity)


  • Promotion Profitability (baseline sales, incremental sales, promotional lift, return on marketing investment (ROMI), coupon redemption and pass-through percentages on promotions. Through percentages on promotions)


  • Advertising Metrics (impressions, gross rating points, CPM, reach, frequency, and share of voice)


  • Web Metrics (Page hits, Page views, visits, visitors, click through rate, cost per click, cost per order, cost per customer acquired, bounce rate, abandonment rate, and cost per friend)

The above is only a list of aspects which companies should be analyzing. So why should a company care about such analysis? What benefit could the metrics analysis bring to the company? Does it even bring any value?

The answer to the above question is a company should care about the above metrics; it brings not only financial benefit in the short term but also in the long run for the company. If a company is able to understand different aspects of their company such as the markup and sell price, they can better set their pricing to increase profit margins.

Another aspect in which companies are unfamiliar with is Web Metrics. Companies invest in Facebook, Website, Twitter but what they want in return is unknown. Most companies invest without setting what they want as the return aside from “increase” in sales. Companies will often misunderstand what they want in return and choose to go for other marketing efforts such as in store promotions where the return rate is easier to calculate. With the expansion into the cloud storage and the social media age, companies should consider investing time into the calculation of web metrics.

Profit does not only come from maximizing the products sale price but also relates to the management of the employees. Aspects which analyze employees includes but not limited to territory management, workload, sales goals and CRM systems. With effective employee management, the company could profit from increase in sales due to the ability which the employee needs to perform to meet sales goals or decrease/increase inter-employee competition to drive sales increase.


Management by the Numbers. (2013). Current Course: Marketing Information Management 3240 with Amanda Bicknell. Retrieved from Management by the Numbers: http://www.management-by-the-numbers.com/?page_id=699




Conducting Business Internationally

With more and more companies starting to expand internationally, interaction with different cultures come into play. Culture is not just defined as the race but is defined as “the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time” (Merriam Webster, 2013).


When businesses are conducting operation with other parts of the world, culture becomes something they must adapt to in order to succeed. Adaptation is usually not 100% from either side where it is a win lose situation. Adaptation should be a win win situation where both companies would give up some of their own culture to adapt with the other. In situations where there is a win loss situation, businesses conducted are usually not long term as the company. According to our business leadership class, an individual seeks to will try to maximize profit, avoid loss, seek self approval and seek approval of others. If we look at the culture conflict in a prisoners dilemma situation, individuals will seek the lose lose situation as they expect the other companies to the same. The mentality in which individuals operate business is to maximize profit which is making themselves the one in power. In the current business world now, working in that mind set will only get you so far. Long term relationship and CRM is what business are looking into now and that is what will bring in higher profit in the long run.


Companies must understand and respect the cultures of the other business you interact with in order to successfully have a long term relationship.


Below is a report in which me and two group members conducted on the Egyptian culture.


Prior to Meeting

– Meetings must be scheduled at least a week before it takes place, and should be re-confirmed one or two days before the meeting (Kwintessential, 2013).


– Greetings include handshakes, and are often initiated by Egyptian women attending the meeting (Kwintessential, 2013).


– In a developed relationship, a kiss on the cheek is common, but only done to the same sex. Handshaking is still present (Kwintessential, 2013).


– Personal space is very important (Butler & Patty, 2012).

First Meeting

– First meetings are very important and usually are filled with formalities regardless of time (Tour Egypt, 2013). All business cards are international in that they must have one side in English and the other in native Arabic.

Meeting Style

– The meetings are moderately formal. They usually take a long time because Egyptian business men are easily side tracked or interrupted, and are not happy if forced back to the original topic. Therefore, extra time must be allowed to finish the discussion.


– Tie and jacket are required for men for meetings.


– Business men are usually referred to by their English name as their Arabic names are long and can be confusing.


– Consider sitting cross legged rude because seeing the bottom of the shoe is a sign of rudeness (Butler & Patty, 2012).


– Most businessmen are bilingual. They speak English and Arabic. Some even speak French as well.


– Meetings must be able to address the issue on hand in full detail because it is very difficult to resume (World Business Culture, 2012).

Business Meals

– The safest choice is Halal food for business meals in non-predominate Muslim culture countries.


– Alcohol and pork are prohibited; alcohol is allowable in a private setting.

Conversation Style

– People tend to talk very loudly and over other people to make a point (Today Translations, 2013).

Working Hours

– No Fridays (sometimes even Thursdays) because they are official rest days (Today Translations, 2013).


– Likes being punctual, but tend to/prefer extend meetings.

Gift Giving

– Gifts are very much liked. Gifts bearing cultural meaning from the giver’s original are especially preferred (World Business Culture, 2012). However, do not accept gifts with alcohol (such as perfumes), pork of any type, and knives (Taylor, Kimberley Roberts, 2012).


– Gifts are presented with the right hand or both hands, but never the left, because left hand is “unclean.”


-Some popular gifts include chocolates and electronic gadgets, but not flowers as they are normally only used in funerals and weddings (Michigan State University, 2013).

Power Distance

-Relatively high. People accept a hierarchical order in which everybody has a predetermined “place” and needs no further justification (The Hofstede Centre, 2013).




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Facebook Chat Heads – A New Game

With the recent release of Facebook Chat update where users use chat heads for conversation, people have been making a game out of these.



source: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-chat-head-iphone-ipad-2013-4

According to Mike Schroepfer (CTO and VP of engineering at Facebook): “The goal from the beginning was to get this experience into everyone’s hands. As part of that, we’re shortly going to announce an update to our iOS app that’ll add chat heads. Multiple messages, multiple threads, same design, etc. You have to be within the app — that’s a limitation of iOS. You can’t draw across other apps when you aren’t in the app.”

This limits the amount of users able to use to feature and can cause more disgruntled users as there is a large target market with IOS users.

“Chat heads is a new way to interact with messages you receive on the social network. The feature allows users to continue what they’re doing like browsing the news feed without interruption” as mentioned by Kevin Smith.


An article on Mashable further shows a slideshow of users using chat heads on photos.



“However, you can create your own fun on the app. It turns out Chat Heads make for great additions to your regular News Feed browsing. Try replacing politics, gossip and baby photos with your friends’ floating bubble heads. With a little screenshot and cropping action, you’ve just created an entertaining game”  suggested Christine Erickson the author of the article.


source: http://mashable.com/2013/04/17/facebook-chat-heads-funny/


source: http://mashable.com/2013/04/17/facebook-chat-heads-funny/

As mentioned in the article “Android users are able to use Chat Heads on apps outside of Facebook, while iOS users are limited to the branded app. In other words, the feature is really only applicable for iOS users who spend a lot of time on the native Facebook app.” This means its limited to only certain users to create these entertaining pictures though jail break and modded phones would probably able able to have the same features.






Leap Motion and Google Earth

In previous posts, I talked about Cyclodeo and Pursued. These games were companies adding features to currently released tools by Google. Cyclodeo and Pursued made use of Google Maps to lower the amount of work the company has to create as they already had a base map for them to work with.


source: http://www.engadget.com/2013/04/22/google-earth-leap-motion/?utm_medium=feed&utm_source=Feed_Classic&utm_campaign=Engadget

Leap Motion and Google Earth has now teamed up and brought to users a better way to use Google Maps. The user can pan view, zoom and travel with just the motion of his or her hand.

This technology according to a Forbes article will be embedded into HP computers.

” Just last week the company announced a partnership with HP, the world’s largest PC maker, to bundle the Leap Motion Controller with HP desktops and laptops. According to FORBES contributor Anthony Wing Kosner, HP plans to embed Leap Motion technology directly into its computers in coming years. In January, Leap agreed to an exclusive distribution deal with Best Buy.”

According to Anthony Wing Kosner, the leap motion for Google Earth “may not be all that practical, but it does look like fun.”

While Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald said in a statement “Google Earth combined with Leap Motion’s 3-D, touch-free technology feels so incredibly immersive – people feel connected to the world in a new and compelling way.”

The learning curve for this technology is not very steep. An example of someone learning to use this technology for other uses can be seen below:

“There’s just one catch. The only people who will be able to use hand gestures to fly around Google Earth on Earth Day are the 10,000 or so members of Leap Motion’s developer program. The rest of us will have to wait until next month when the pre-orders ship and Best Buystocks their shelves with the $79.99 device” as mentioned by Anthony.